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2014 Team Camps

Week of 7/28-8/1
Time TBD U18B Crush
Week of 8/4-8
Leo 1 Leo 2 Leo 3 Leo Micro 1 Leo Micro 2 GSC 1 GSC 2 GSC Indoor Skutt
9-10:30am U18G Prima Green (9-10:30) U9B Juventus (9-10:150 U10G Cheetahs (9-10:15) U8B Munich (9-10:15) U8G Blaze (9-10:15) U14 G Prima Green (9-10:30) U14G Prima Gold (9-10:30) U14G Prima Black (9-10:30)
U9B Fiorentina (9-10:15) U10G Tigon (9-10:15) U8B Dortmund (9-10:15) U8G Velocity (9-10:15)
U9B Sampdoria (9-10:15)
3-4pm GK Training
4-5pm GK Training
5:30-7pm U15G Infinity (5:30-7) U11B Primo Green 5:30-6:45) U13G Fusion (5:30-7) U10B Goblins (5:30-6:45) U9G Inferno (5:30-6:45) U11G Prima White (5:30-6:45) U17G Virago (5:30-7) U12G Prima White (5:30-6:45) U15G Prima Green (5:30-7)
U15G Prima White (5:30-7) U13G Sting (5:30-7) U10B Hooligans (5:30-6:45) U9G Heat (5:30-6:45) U11G Prima Gold (5:30-6:45) U12G Prima Gold (5:30-6:45)
7-8:30pm U17G Shockers (7-8:30) U13B Vipers (6:45-8:15) U14G Prima White (7-8:30) U11B Primo White (6:45-8) U12B Primo Green (6:45-8) U16G Prima Green (6:45-8:15) U18G Wyvern (7-8:30) U11G Prima Green (6:45-8)
U13B Freedom (6:45-8:15) U11 B Primo Gold (6:45-8) U17G Galaxy (6:45-8:15) U12G Prima Green (6:45-8) U14G Diablas (7-8:30)
Week of 8/11-15
7-8:30pm U14B Liberty

Goalkeeping Camp

Gretna's Goalkeeping Camp will be taken place at the Gretna Sports Complex August, 4-8th. This is a free event for all of our GSC goalkeepers.

3-4pm U8-U11

Group 1 (U8-U11 Girls) / Group 2 (U8-U11 Boys)

4-5pm U12-U18

Group 1 (U12-U13 Boys and Girls) / Group 2 (U14-U18 Boys and Girls)

We will be going over the following topics so it is important that we get our keepers there everyday. 

Ball Handling, Smothering, Diving, Distribution, Playing out of the Back, Positioning, 1v1s, Shot Stopping, PKS

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch. 


Eric Hayes

Cell: (712)310-3183

Email: eha01596@gmail.com

U18 Prima Green - Game LIVE

The Nationals game that our U18G Prima Green team is competing in will be live online @ 2pm if you would like to watch.  Here is the link.



We wish them well!