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Gretna Sports Complex


The Gretna Sports Complex is a 42,000 square foot facility located at 10550 S 222nd St in Gretna, Nebraska 68028.  The facility serves the greater Omaha and Lincoln metropolitan areas including Gretna, Millard, Elkhorn, Papillion and LaVista.  The facility is privately owned and managed by volunteers from the Gretna Soccer Club.

The facility includes a 150' x 250' high quality turf (with rubber and sand infill) and netting that allows the field to be divided into smaller areas.  The turf can be rented for athletic activities. 

Gretna Sports Complex

Online Reservations

Welcome to EZ Facility, our new online reservation system.  Times can only be booked 1 week in advance.  For requests more than 1 week in advance, please email gretnasportscomplex@gmail.com.  Please make checks payable to the Gretna Sports Complex and leave it in the dropbox next to the coaches office.  PLEASE USE THE FIELD ASSIGNED IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL. 


Please email us for your user name and password.  Please provide your team name, contact email and phone number.


The following are game fields at GSC locations:

Capehart Fields- located at intersection of Hwy 6 & Capehart Rd.  Just go east up the gravel road on Capehart and fields will be on north side of road.

Cape- 1 will be for 11 v 11 games U15 and above

Cape-2 will be for 11 v 11 games U13 & U14

Cape 3- 8 v 8

Cape 4- 8 v 8

Cape 5- 6 v 6

Cape 6- 6 v 6


Gretna Sports Complex-  222nd and Lincoln Rd in west Gretna.  Head 2 miles west on Lincoln Rd and the Hwy 6 and Lincoln Rd intersection. 

Fields 1,2 and 3 are for use in the Sarpy County Soccer League.  The micro fields are for internal club micro games only.

GSC 1-  5v5

GSC 2- 5v5

GSC 3- 6v6

Micro fields


Training-  Team training will take place in designated locations as outlined in the Master Training Schedule which is communicated to all coaches.  Locations will include:  Leo Royal Park, Gretna Sports Complex, Skutt High School and other locations around Gretna.  There is a space out at Capehart that will be available for team training but probably not until 2016.  Teams are NOT permitted to train on game fields at Capehart under any circumstances. 





Parents: please help us protect the quality of our fields.  There are 3 things we need your help with:

1) Making sure kids do not climb or hang on the goals and nets. These nets are expensive.  When kids climb on them like a jungle gym at school, they tear holes.  When you see someone climbing on a net, please ask them to stop.

2) Similarly, for their safety, do not allow kids to hang from the crossbar of the goals,  Each year, there is a child or two that die from a goal falling over and striking their head.

3) Team training takes place on designated fields according to our master training schedule.  Training will NEVER take place on our Capehart game fields but instead would be at Leo Royal, the Complex outdoor fields or another location specified.