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Academy Registration

2019-20 Academy Clinics

Academy Clinics has concluded.  The Academy program is for any player born in 2012, 2011 or 2010.  If you missed Academy Clinics but are interested in your child playing on a team in the Academy program, please contact Raphael Martinez, Academy Director, at 



2019-20 GSC Academy Coaches

2012G - Donnie Holstein
2012B - Greg Vuagniaux
2011G - Harry Rogers
2011B - Tom Sibbald
2010G - Raphael Martinez
2010B - Chris Watson

2019-20 ACADEMY


The Academy Program is for all players born in 2012, 2011 and 2010.

PLEASE NOTE:  If your son/daughter did not attend Academy Clinics in June,  and wants to play in this program, please contact the Academy Director, Raphael Martinez, prior to registering.  Raphael can be reached at:  raphael.martinez@gretnasoccer.com.

  • Register for the entire year after Academy Clinics
  • TeamSnap for all teams
  • 2 practices a week with coach in fall and spring
  • 1 practice a week with coach in winter inside the Gretna Sports Complex
  • Participate in the ENSA (Eastern Nebraska Soccer Association) league
  • Participate in local tournaments in the fall and spring (not included in registration fee)
  • Participate in futsal during the winter (not included in registration fee)
  • Additional winter training sessions over allotted 15 (coach's discretion) and/or indoor sessions due to weather
  • Uniforms (not included in registration fee)

Why choose Academy?

The focus is on individual player development and not on wins/losses.  Our goal is to have every player feel comfortable with the ball at their feet.  We encourage creativity by creating an environment where players feel safe to make mistakes.

Players will learn:

  • New footwork and moves
  • Proper passing, receiving, and shooting technique
  • Proper defending technique
  • How beat an opponent using a move in a 1v1 situation and defend against an opponent
  • Work in pairs to move the ball around an opponent or defend against an opponent

We understand that children develop at different rates, so we try to adjust our Academy program for that.  Players will be placed on teams, but will have an opportunity to train with other teams and coaches in their birth year throughout the year. 

We also understand that we are working with children and that they may be interested in other activities.  We fully support all players to participate in other sports and/or activities.   Playing multiple sports is better for player development.

Registration Fees

2012:  $515 for the year w/a licensed, paid coach.

2011:  $625 for the year w/a licensed, paid coach.

2010:  $725 for the year w/a licensed, paid coach.

Payment plans available with online registration.

(All teams will be overseen by the Academy Director.)

Questions:  Contact Raphael Martinez, Academy Director at raphael.martinez@gretnasoccer.com.


Academy Registration

For all those players who attended Academy Clinics the week of June 3rd and are wanting to play in the Academy Program which is year-round, the 2019-20 Registration will be open June 8th.

Reminder that GSC is using Affinity for player registration.  If you were not with GSC this past year or two, you will need to create an account and upload a copy of your child's birth certificate and photo.  Once their DOB is verified, the BC will be gone from our system for security purposes.

AFFINITY Online Registration

URL:  GretnaSoccer.sportsaffinity.com (click below)


PLEASE NOTE: You can also use this link to make changes to your player's account.  Just login by clicking on the User Login Button in the upper left-hand corner of the Affinity page instead of clicking where it says, "Register Here".

Any questions, please contact the club administrator at:  clubadmin@gretnasoccer.com.