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Jose Vargas

Jose Vargas

U15-U18 Technical Director

Phone: (402)740-9977

Jose Vargas is our U15-18G Technical Director. Contact Jose for any college related questions you may have. 




Currently more Gretna Soccer Club players are obtaining college scholarships than ever before. In since 2010 we have had over 45 Gretna Soccer Club players that have achieved an Athletic Scholarship. Of these 45 there are 33 active players participating in collegiate soccer. This page follows and shows all of our alumni and news relating to their college success.



"I've had the greatest pleasure in watching all the players within the club following their dreams and playing in college over the past 10 years. I'm committed to helping many more" 

- Digger Hawkins (Director of Coaching) 

Commitments 2018

Nicole Martindale (Gretna Prima Green), Iowa State University

Sarah Karloff (Gretna Prima Green), University of Missouri Kansas City

Commitments 2017

Rachel Johnson (Gretna Shockers), Marquette University


Commitments of 2016

Arianna Veland (Gretna Shockers), Illinois University

Cassie Legband (Gretna Shockers), Creighton University

-Member of the 2015 National Championship Team. 

Callie Hawkins (Gretna Shockers), Creighton University

- Member of the 2015 National Championship Team

Halle Hamilton (Gretna Shockers), UMKC

- Member of the 2015 National Championship Team

Miranda Swift (Gretna Shockers), University of South Dakota

Lily Boyle (Gretna Shockers) - University of South Dakota


Shelby Ritterbush (Gretna Shockers ) - Hastings College


Annie Sullivan (Gretna Shockers) Savannah College of Art and Design

McKenzie Nabity (Gretna Shockers), University Nebraska Kearney

Josie Knapp (Gretna Shockers), Hastings College

Breanna Waugh (Gretna Real/Wyvern), Simpson College

Melissa Morero (Gretna Real/Wyvern), Midland University 

Class of 2015

Michelle Xiao (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - Stanford University

- Member of 2015 National Championship team

Skylar Evans (Gretna Real/Wyvern), Doane College

Faith Sorenson (Gretna Real/Wyvern), Wayne State

Whitney Staehr (Gretna Real/Wyvern), Nebraska Wesleyan

Lawlor Christianson (Gretna Prima Green 96/97), Northwest Missouri State University

Natalie Rech (Gretna Prima Green 96/97), Wayne State College

Courtney Stodola (), University of South Dakota

Christina Stasi (Gretna Prima Green 96/97), Wayne State College

- Member of the 2015 National Championship team

Whitney Pratt (Gretna Prima Green 96/97), Bellevue University

Madison Knapp (Gretna Prima Green 96/97), Hastings College

Bailey Ketcham (Gretna Prima Green 96/97), Missouri Western State University

Ellen Karloff (Gretna Prima Green 96/97), Washburn University

Tayler Karas (Gretna Prima Green 96/97), University of South Dakota


Morgan Dillon (Gretna Prima Green 96/97 ), Southwest Minnesota State University

Sarah Dervin (Gretna Prima Green 96/97), Missouri Western State University

Macenzi Christensen (), Barton College

Makenzie Burmeister (Gretna Sockers) - University of South Dakota

Maddie Knapp (Gretna Prima Green 96/97) - Hastings College

Tayler Karas (Gretna Blackcats) - University of South Dakota

Class of 2014


Ben Karloff (Gretna Jackals) - Morningside

Trent Boyer (Gretna Jackals) - Hastings College

Cody Ortlieb (Gretna Jackals) - Hastings College

Jake Ridpath (Gretna Jackals) - Hastings College


Summer Khalil (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - Creighton University


Megan McCashland (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - Notre Dame

Taylor Siedel (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - Fort Hayes

- Member of the 2015 National Championship team

Alexis Rienks (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - New Mexico State

- Member of the 2015 National Championship team. 


Audra Keehn (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - Washburn University

- Member of the 2015 National Championship team. 

Hannah Schaefers (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - University of Nebraska Lincoln

"It has been my dream to be a Husker soccer player since I was a little girl. Nebraska is home to me and I look forward to being part of an outstanding soccer and architectural program" 

- Hannah Schaefers

Emily Stauffer (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - Washburn University

- Member of the 2015 National Championship team. 

Tiffany Oliver (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - University of Northern Iowa

Maureen Bigsby (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - University of Missouri at Kansas City

- Member of 2015 National Championship team. 

Laura Ney (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - Truman State

- Member of the 2015 National Championship Team. 

Grace Iaquinta (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - Augustana College

- Member of the 2015 National Championship team. 

Kiera Bengtson (Gretna Wyvern) - Concordia University 

Lyndsey Harpenau (Gretna Black Cats) - Nebraska Wesleyan

Hannah Smith (Gretna Blackcats) - Iowa Western Community College

Kaleena Rains (Gretna Blackcats) - Nebraska Wesleyan

Class of 2013

Paige Valaika (Gretna Magpies) - Rockhurst University

Val Hernandez (Gretna Magpies) - Wayne State

Madison Paskevic (Gretna Magpies) - Hastings College

Lexi Harris (Gretna Magpies) - Western Illinois

Megan Kruse (Gretna Magpies) - Hastings College

Paige Paskevic (Gretna Magpies) - College of St Marys

Halle Schimenti (Gretna Magpies) - Nebraska Wesleyan

Bailey Dervin (Gretna Prima Green 95/96) - Missouri Western State University 

Class of 2012

Chris Hauck (Gretna Blasters) - Hastings College

Kade Hollendleck (Gretna Blasters) - Hastings College

Jessica Kerwin (Gretna Real) - Doane College

Sarah McGuire (Gretna Wyvern) - College of St Marys 

Paige Guderian (Gretna Wyvern) - Morningside College 

Breann Robarge (Gretna Wyvern) - Iowa Western Community College

Breann lead IWCC to a Conference Championship and finished third at the NJCAA National Championships. During her first season IWCC was ranked #1

Alicia Seachord (Gretna Magpies) - Viterbo University

Won MCC Conference Championship and helped Viterbo to the schools first ever NAIA National Championship Appearance

Tim Stoltenberg (Gretna Blasters) - Hastings College

Has 5 shutouts, won a GPAC Conference Championship, and competed in the NAIA National Championships

Jordan Meadows (Gretna G-Force) - College of St. Marys 

With CSM Jordan played every game as a freshman, recording two assist in her opening year. 

Class of 2011

Jessica Tarsikes (Gretna Wyvern) - Morningside College

Sarah Warren (Gretna Wyvern) - University of Nebraska at Omaha

Tyler Ortlieb (Gretna Gunners) - Hastings College

Jessica Shepherd (Gretna Wyvern) - Bethany College

Class of 2010

Kailey Stoupa (Gretna Real) - Morningside College

Sarah Nordstrom (Gretna G-Force) - University of Nebraska at Omaha

Kelsey Stark (Gretna G-Force) - Doane College

Emily Fleming (Gretna G-Force) - Concordia University

Class of 2009

Paige Wishchmann (Gretna Remix) - Bellevue University

Merydeth Cummings (Gretna Remix) - Northwest Missouri State

Kara Naumann (Gretna Remix) - Wayne State College

"Kara is a versatile player that can play as a forward, winger, outside midfielder or as an outside back. She is very quick. She will give Wayne State plenty of options and I wouldn't be surprised if she becomes a starter as a freshman"

- Digger Hawkins (Remix Head Coach)

Kelsie Grgurich (Gretna Remix) - Doane University

Kristen Jones (Gretna Remix) - Rockhurst University

Ramsey Miller (Gretna Remix) - College of St. Marys 

Lindsey Lambert - Washburn University

Brittany Reed (Gretna Remix) - Dana College

"Brittany is a very smart defender, who can help us out right away"

- Shad Beam (Dana Head Coach)

Mackenzie Leahy (Gretna Remix) - Dana College

"Mack is not necessarily the greatest trainer in the world but come game time she is ready and will give 150%" 

- Digger Hawkins (Remix Head Coach) 

Brian Krajicek (Gretna Gunners/United) - Nebraska Wesleyan

Class of 2008

Alex Zimmer (Gretna Gunners) - Bellevue University

Amy Stigge (Gretna La Nina) - Bellevue University

Carissa Gregory (Gretna La Nina) - Benedictine University

Class of 2007

Emily Petrovich (Gretna Fury) - Minnesota State University